Frequently Asked Question's

Who is specializes in Twitter Marketing and Advertising. Our service adds Twitter Followers to your account which allows you to market your brand or talent to thousands of potential customers, partners, or fans. More twitter followers gives you brand recognition and increases your targeted website traffic.

How does Twitter Advertising work? How exactly do you get me followers?

Marketing Method (no password, no following, non-targeted): We will market your twitter url outside of twitter thus you will receive new followers without having to follow others. The vast majority of the orders we receive are the no login option because people are much more interested in increasing their followers without having to follow others.

Follow Method:  This method generally works by following people who are likely to follow you back. We follow twitter users first and a % follows back. We then mass unfollow to bring your ratio of followers to more credible numbers. Over time, we have perfected this technique.  Attempting to follow/unfollow 1000 users yourself can take more than 20 hours straight.

To get the most out of the Follow Method campaign, we recommend that you have an active account. This means having all of the bio information filled out, a Twitter background different from the default, at least 10 – 15 tweets, and an image icon uploaded to the account. Please don't aggressively follow or unfollow others or change your profile username during this campaign.

What should I expect after I place my order?

You will receive a Paypal order confirmation as well as an order confirmation from us.  Your campaign will begin within 24 business hours and you will start to see your follower count increase significantly.  We note your follower count at the start of the campaign, and then we keep promoting your page until your number of followers purchased is added to your initial follower count.

How many Twitter Followers will be added into my account every day?

In most cases, you will receive between 200 - 500 new twitter followers everyday once we begin the campaign.

Why do you need my password?

For the Follow Method packages, we need your password so we can log into your Twitter account and follow people who are likely to follow you back. We use a proven system that we have perfected, in order to provide the highest quality followers at a very rapid rate.  These followers will be real people following you in your Twitter account.

Is my account information safe with you?

Yes it is 100% safe! We never tweet from it, never send direct messages out, and never change anything on your profile. We have helped hundreds of customers add new followers to their twitter accounts and have never had any accounts banned or suspended. We take the security of your account very seriously. You can be rest assured that your account will be safe with us.

Can you target the followers?

Absolutely with our Starter, Basic, and Plus packages. Your follower delivery time may be affected by your specific requirements. If you define a very specific profile for your targeted followers, then you will get slower growth. Remember to add any targeting options in the "Add special instructions to seller" section during your Paypal checkout.

  Is there anything special I must do? Or is there anything I should not do once you begin managing and growing my Twitter account?

There are no restrictions. There is nothing special that you will need to do.  Feel free to login to your Twitter account at anytime to post tweets, conduct business as usual, and watch your account grow!

  What if my Twitter account gets suspended?

First of all, we have tested our method extensively and have completed thousands of orders without any accounts getting suspended or banned. Should that happen though, we will pause the campaign until your account is reinstated. If your account is suspended, we will most-likely find out very quickly, but please make sure to let us know anyway, so we can stop marketing your account immediately.