Tips to Avoid Spammers on Twitter

It can be difficult to avoid spammers on social media, but it’s possible. You have to be careful on Twitter to avoid inviting spammers. Sometimes even a simple tweet can create a lot of buzz and attract Twitter spammers. Different users have strategies to avoid Twitter spammers. Try some or all of the suggestions given below to avoid Twitter spammers.

1: Protect Your Tweets

By protecting tweets one can easily reduce the amount or completely eliminate spam. This option is best for those who are using Twitter for personal use. It’s because when you protect your tweets they become available for only your followers. These tweets will not be available publicly which is a good option for you to avoid Twitter spammers. However, it is not ideal for businesses who wish to build up a  public profile. Professional Twitter users may want to opt for another spam-fighting option.

2: Identify Spammers

It is not difficult to identify spammers. A simple way to identify spammers is to check their follower base. Spammers usually follow thousands but they have a few followers. Also, these types of Twitter accounts are created under automatically generated usernames. You will also see stock image profile photos on spammers’ account. Once you have identified spammers in your followers list, you can block them. If you have a huge follower base it can be frustrating and time consuming to search for spammers but it worth the effort.

3: Report Spammers on Twitter

Another good way to avoid Twitter spammers is to file a report against them. Follow @spam, a service offered by Twitter’s headquarters to control spamming on Twitter. Any user can report suspicious activities on Twitter. Spammers are monitored, warned and then blocked from the site. Twitter users can also follow @safety for getting information about how to keep their account safe from spamming and junk.

4: Use Filter Tweets Feature

Users can use a number of services on Twitter like TweetBlocker or SocialOomph Opt-Out. These services help users to avoid automatically-sent DMs and to check the spam grades of fellow users. Choose not to auto-follow to cut down on spam. It is a good way to build a good followers base, but it also attracts spammers who are using certain keywords to find people on Twitter.

5: Preview Someone’s Twitter History

If you want to follow someone back on Twitter, it is wise to preview their Twitter account summary. If you find repeated tweets about the same topic or if you find a stock-image profile photo on the profile of your followers don’t follow them back. In addition to this, always check out for services that can help you prevent automated direct messages.

6: Avoid Using Common Terms

Twitter spammers use search terms to spam on Twitter. For example, if you have tweeted something about iPhone, spammers will find you by using the search term iPhone. That’s why you should be careful when you are crafting your tweet.

In conclusion, these tips should help Twitter users to get an account under control and to avoid Twitter spammers.

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