Want To Use Twitter Lists? Read This Before Using Twitter Lists

Twitter allows its users to have their own Twitter lists to group and organize similar users together. At first, this feature was available for only few people but later it became available to all users. If you are considering using Twitter lists to organize who you follow on Twitter, take following tips into consideration.

1: People May Take Offense at Not Being The Part of a List

Before creating a Twitter list, you should know that you can make your lit private or public. If you want to create a list with names like “best bloggers” or “my best friends” carefully decide whether you will make your list private or public. For example, if you have set your Twitter list named as “my best friends” public some people may be offended by not being included on that list. You can avoid offending by three ways:

  • Create a  private list
  • You should consider having a  disclaimer on your Twitter profile page
  • Organize your Twitter lists by geographical region

2: Organize Different People in Different Lists

A good feature of Twitter lists is that you can easily organize different people into different groups like people who work with or your Internet fellows. This option is more effective than using hashtags as it allows you to filter out the people you don’t want to read from.

3: Find Out What Type of People Are Popular On Twitter

Twitter lists can be helpful for you to find out what types of people are popular on Twitter. You can see the lists in the sidebar of Twitter users to know what type of content and people certain users follow. If you have mutual interest with them then you can start a conversation with them. This feature is very good for networking and for meeting more like-minded people on Twitter.

4: Get Engaged With People From Different Regions and With Different Interest

If you are following people from different geographic regions and with different interest, you can organize them in different lists. For example, if you are following cool people of Melbourne, you can create a new list and include of them on a list. Likewise, if you are following NFL fans, you can include all of them on one list. This way you will be able to manage your contact with different users. This can help you assess the conversation across different geographic regions and fields of interest.

5: You Can Follow Other Users’ Lists

It is a time saving feature because you no longer have to create your own Twitter lists. You can follow other users’ lists. So for example, if any of your followers has a list that contains all NFL players, you can follow that list.

6: Check Who Is Popular On Twitter

This feature may be used as another easy method of assessing the popularity of certain Twitter users. You can see how many lists you are on and how many lists your friends are on. It is a very useful method but it has the potential to affect your user experience.

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