Twitter For Recruiting

Twitter For Recruiting Twitter For Recruiting Twitter is a useful tool to find the right talent for your team. The use of Twitter for recruiting is not new because there is a good list of large and small agencies and companies that are using this platform for recruitment. Some of the big names that are utilizing this social networking platform for recruitment include Google, Inc., Microsoft, Bank of America and so on. Twitter has recently reached the record breaking milestone of 500 million users. It can be little tricky for many companies to find the right candidate by using Twitter.

Things to Consider When Using Twitter for Recruiting

First of all, it is important to bear in mind that Twitter is not a job board. You should carefully work on building up good relationship with your followers to obtain your goals. Many recruiting agencies know it already and they are successfully using Twitter for recruiting. On the other hand, many companies are tweeting only about their jobs due to which they are not having any luck with Twitter for finding the right candidate. In order to find the right candidate, you first need to know the right usage of Twitter. You can also use those Twitter directories where you can find job seekers.

What are The Benefits of Using Twitter for Recruiting?

There are some really good benefits of using Twitter for recruiting. However, you can get these benefits only if you are using the right strategies to find candidates. Some of the good benefits are listed below.

1: It enables recruiters to engage with potential candidates. It allows candidates and recruiters to build up a good relationship.

2: It helps employers in branding.

3: It works as the reference source of candidates.

4: It helps employers to get recommendations.

5: It enables employers to find the most talented candidate for their team.

How You Can Use Twitter for Recruiting?

If you are also interested in using Twitter for recruiting, you might want to know those effective ways that enable you to use this social networking platform. Different companies and recruitment agencies use different strategies to use Twitter for hiring. It would be wise to make your own strategy to find the most suitable candidate. Following are some useful strategies that you can use to find the best candidate.

Announce Vacancies in Hashtags

Twitter has many unique features that allow its users to make most of this social networking platform. One of these unique features includes hashtags. You are advised to use hashtags to announce new job openings on Twitter. This feature will make it easier for Twitter followers to find your job openings. In addition, you should not forget about the power of retweeting.

Contact Job Search Twitter Account

There are a great number of job search Twitter accounts that are providing help to job seekers. For example, @JobAngels is a job search Twitter account where job seekers are allowed to provide their details regarding jobs. These types of Twitter accounts allow job seekers to use the active link of their LinkedIn accounts. You can easily find potential candidates by using these types of accounts on Twitter.

In short, you can effectively use Twitter for recruiting if you know the right use of this social networking platform.

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