4 Important Rules To Use Twitter for Promotion

If you are looking for a solid and fastest way to spread a word your product, project, idea or service you should use Twitter. Twitter for promotion is not a new thing because a great number of people are already using it for the promotion of their business. Before using Twitter for promotion, you should make sure that other users are following you and you have a large follower base. In order to make your Twitter promotion more effective, you have to follow 4 important rules that can ensure you success.

1: Converse With People – Don’t Sell

When you are using Twitter for promotion you should bear in mind that Twitter is basically a social networking platform that serves for a variety of purposes. The right way to use this effective tool is to converse with people. If you come with a salesman approach on Twitter with a high sales pitch, people will more likely to ignore you. Once you have started conversing with them, you will face no problem in attracting people towards your products and services. You should avoid waving your products or services that you are trying to promote in the faces of your followers on Twitter.

2: Listen More Tweet Less

Many people make the mistake of tweeting on Twitter without paying attention to what their followers are talking about. If you don’t have time to build up relationship with your followers how do you expect them to pay attention to your products or services. Beginners make this mistake because they think that they can get success only by tweeting on Twitter. You should pay close attention to your followers and to what they are talking about. This practice will help you find a way to fit into the conversations and to start your own conversation with your followers.

3: Be Friendly and Helpful

It is a good way to build up a good reputation on Twitter. If any of your followers need help, assist them. It will not only help you to build up relationship with your followers but also it will help you gain popularity on Twitter. You can craft your tweets in a way that they should be helpful for your followers. You should use your tweets as a tool to share useful information with your followers. Don’t use your tweets as ads. In addition to these two things, you can comment on other people tweets with a solution or an idea that could benefit them.

4: Avoid Tweeting About Personal Things

Nobody cares that you have a doctor’s appointment or you are going to attend a meeting. If you really want to use Twitter for promotion as an effective tool, you should avoid talking about your personal activities. Your main focus should on providing in your tweets what your followers want the most. A good way to keep your personal life away from your professional life on Twitter is to create two separate accounts: one for your personal use such as to make friends, and the other one to use Twitter for promotion of your business.

In conclusion, follow all of these 4 rules in order to effectively use Twitter for promotion.

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