Tips To Use Twitter for Local Business

Twitter is not only ideal for online marketing of a big and global business, but also it is ideal for small business owners. A great number of local business owners are using this social networking platform to improve their business. If you are wondering how to use Twitter for local business, you should concentrate on reaching out to the people in your community. Here are some useful tips on how to use Twitter for local business.

1: Create a Twitter Account for Your Business

Your first step should be creating a business presence on Twitter. Don’t forget to customize your account with a branded background to give it a more professional look. If you don’t know anything about graphic designing, there are plenty of designers that you can hire to incorporate your business logo on your Twitter profile. In addition to a logo of your business, add address and other contact information into your Twitter account. Keep everything easily readable. Your Twitter page will help you make a good first impression on your potential customers because people will judge your business by its appearance.

2: Be Regular on Twitter

Dedicate some time to your Twitter account. It is an effective way to use Twitter for local business. You should tweet regularly about your local business. If you cannot use Twitter regularly, you can either use an automated tool or you can hire someone to provide Twitter updates about your business on regular basis. Tell your followers about what’s going on inside your local business. If you are running any promotional offers, announce it on Twitter. If you are going to launch new products, share it with your Twitter followers.

3: Encourage Your Followers to Re-Tweet Your Tweets

Another good way to use Twitter for local business is to encourage your followers to re-tweet your tweets. You can offer incentive to your followers in exchange of re-tweeting. For example, you can run a special Twitter promotion along the lines of: re-tweet and get discount on the new product or mention this tweet at our store and get an additional discount on all the purchases. In addition to this, you can use a promotional code in your tweets and ask followers to use that code at the time of making purchase from the local store.

4: Keep Hunting for Local Followers

You should actively hunt for local followers in order to improve your local business using Twitter. Keep a close eye on your competitors. Make sure your tweets contain community news that can attract local community. Also, be specific when searching for followers.

5: Use Your Twitter Name

You should treat your Twitter account as you would treat your contact number or e-mail for your business. Add your Twitter name to your yellow pages listing; mention your Twitter name in your radio ads, newspaper advertisement, at front desk in your store or on your local print. Also, don’t forget to put it as your e-mail signature, stationary and business cards. This practice will help you improve your local business using Twitter.

There are many other ways to use Twitter for local business. Once you get familiar with the basics of using Twitter for your local or small business, you will not face any difficulty in using advance options of Twitter to improve your local business.

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