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Twitter Apps Twitter AppsTwitter is most widely used by all types of Internet users. Twitter has taken communication to another level by enabling millions of Internet users to actively communicate with different people through a 140 characters message. It has changed the way companies, agencies and bloggers used to promote their brands. Twitter allows a great number of third party applications that make it easier for Twitter users to use this wonderful platform without any problem and these third party programs are known as Twitter applications or Twitter apps.

What are The Benefits of Twitter Apps?

Twitter apps allow all types of Twitter users to manage and make most of their Twitter accounts. There is a good list of benefits that you can obtain by using these applications. For example, these applications make it easier for agencies and companies to promote their products and services by managing their Twitter accounts in a better way. You can select to post tweet into the Twitter network by using customized settings for your tweets. This way, you will be able to enhance the user experience. In simpler words, you can use those applications that allow you to post an automated tweet at a specific time and this way you will not have to regularly update your Twitter account by yourself.

Another benefit of these third party Twitter apps is that they allow you to connect your Twitter account with other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitpic and LinkedIn etc. This way, you can manage all your different social networking profiles via a single Twitter account.

Types of Twitter Applications

Before you start using any of the available Twitter apps, you need to understand that how many types of applications are available that you can use. There is a good variety of Twitter applications that are available for different devices and programs. For example, there are applications for iPhone, Android and Blackberry etc.

Some Popular Twitter Applications

Following are some popular applications that are widely used by different Twitter users.

 1: Tweet Deck

It is basically a popular Adobe Air desktop program that enables its users to regularly monitor the activity of social media information in a small box or compact arrangement. This application is very useful for those users that want to arrange a great number of tweets in a single column. The columns of this application are updated automatically to provide the real time social media information.

2: Twitter Counter

If you are curious about how many followers you have on your Twitter account, this application is for you. It enables you to keep a proper track of those changes that are occurring in the quantity of your Twitter followers.

3: Social Oomph (Formerly called TweetLater)

This application is basically a free service that allows its users to auto follow those followers that follow you. In addition, it sends a Direct Message to those followers that follow you. This application is very useful for those individuals that want to schedule their tweets.

There is a plethora of Twitter apps that can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks. You can easily find any good application that suits your needs.

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