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Twitter API 300x160 Twitter APITwitter is not only a social networking platform but also it is widely used for business promotion and marketing. Twitter has introduced a variety of useful applications and features to its valuable users in order to enable them to make use of this micro blogging platform in a better way for their business. One of the most popular Twitter features includes Twitter API (or Application Programming Interface). This feature works like a program in Twitter and it facilitates all tasks related to data modification.

What are the Benefits of Twitter API?

If you are willing to use this excellent feature of Twitter, you might be interested in knowing its pros and cons. There are a number of good benefits of using this feature that you can obtain without working a lot. This new feature of Twitter is very useful for all types of users, especially for programmers. It’s because Twitter API helps programmers to make new applications, websites and other things of the same kind. In order to obtain all benefits from this feature, its developers suggest the users to the OAuth in order to authenticate this feature for working.

How to Get Twitter API?

If you want to get Twitter API, you should first create an account on Twitter. You can easily create an account on Twitter by filling out a simple and small form. You will have to verify your Twitter account in order to start using all features of your account. If you want to increase the rate limits, you will have to sign in to your Twitter account. If you have an inactivated Twitter account, you can still use the Twitter API. All you have to do to start using your inactivated account is to send an e-mail to Twitter so it can activate your account. If you cannot recover you inactivated account, you can always create a new account on Twitter.

Precautions While Using Twitter API

There are some important things related to using Twitter API that you must deal with care in order to avoid getting yourself banned from Twitter. For example, you should bear in mind that Twitter allows you to use only 70 to 100 requests per 60 minutes interval. You should either store your results or don’t forget to cache to avoid getting banned from Twitter.

What is “Rate Limit Exceeded” Message and How to Avoid It?

There is a limit set by Twitter to use Twitter API and if any user exceeds that limit, Twitter sends them a warning message i.e., “rate limit exceeded”. For example, if you are using more than 100 calls for API, you will get this warning message that could lead you towards ban. If once you have got this warning message, unfortunately you cannot do very much to avoid it. However, you can reduce the risk of getting this warning by taking care of following important things.

  • Try to run only one application at a time. If you are not using other apps, you should double check that unused apps are closed.
  • Avoid overusing the “refresh” button. It’s because one time refresh or click is equal to 3 calls.
  • If you still get a warning message, close all applications and reopen at the reset time.

In short, it would be wise to first carefully understand the purpose and use of Twitter API before starting using this feature.

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