Tips To Use Twitter for Job Search

Twitter is not just a social networking site. It is serving for a variety of purposes such as a great number of large and small companies are using Twitter for recruitment. If you want to use Twitter for seeking a job, make sure you know how it use it correctly. Here are some useful tips for using Twitter for job search.

1: Identify the Career or Industry You Want to Enter

Twitter is a huge platform where all types of industries are found. Due to this reason it can be overwhelming for many job seekers to know where to start their job search using Twitter. A simple way to solve this problem is to identify the industry or career you want to enter. Once you have identified your career or industry, your next step should be searching for those companies that are offering jobs in your selected industry. For example, if you want a job in a telecommunication industry, you need to find out where all telecommunication companies are meeting up. After finding all those companies that are related to your selected industry, follow them.

2: Use Hashtags

A very simple way that allows job seekers to use Twitter for job search is the use of hashtags. It is a great way to connect with like-minded users on Twitter. Hashtags are actually like signposts that can get you where you need to go. For example, if you are looking for jobs in wedding planning niche, simply use #weddingplanningjobs. By using this hashtag you will get all the tweets that are about wedding planning jobs. In addition to this, hashtags allow you to be social on Twitter. You can enter into conversations about any topic using hashtags.

3: Find Users and Groups in Your Industry

Another good way to use Twitter for job search is to find groups and users that are working in your selected industry.  Twitter has many good resources that are helping job seekers. Once you have found out the groups and users in your niche, you will be able to share your resume. In addition, you will be able to contact recruiters and meet potential employers.

4: Keep In Touch With Recruitment Agencies

Use of Twitter for job search enables you to keep in touch with recruitment agencies that are on Twitter. If you are unable to connect directly with employers of your industry, you can use recruitment agencies to help you find your dream job in your selected industry.

5: Join Twitter Chats

Job seekers are encouraged to join Twitter chats that are held on regular basis. These chats are operated by a moderator. One of the most useful Twitter chats for job seekers is the Hire Friday chat. This chat is designated by the #Hfchat hashtag. It is an excellent that gives a good opportunity to job seekers to catch up with potential employers and career professionals.

In conclusion, there are various ways to use Twitter for job search that you can use to get your dream job.

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