6 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Twitter

Earning good reputation on Twitter is a difficult task, but maintaining that good reputation is more difficult. It’s because even a minor mistake can ruin your reputation on Twitter. Many people complain about not getting good results from their Twitter account and eventually they give up. It’s just because they don’t learn about how to properly use Twitter and their insufficient knowledge about this social networking platform plays a big role in ruining their reputation. Here are 6 ways that can ruin your reputation on Twitter and you must avoid them.

1: Spamming and Auto-DMs

Spamming is the most common, yet the most annoying activity on the Internet and Twitter is not safe from spammers. Nothing can ruin your reputation on Twitter more quickly than spamming. You should avoid tweeting about the same content over and over. In addition to this, be careful about the direct messages that you send to your followers. Many people use prefabricated auto-DMs that can cause their follower to un-follow them. To be on safe side, avoid using auto-DMs.

2: Be Yourself

You should be yourself on Twitter because your followers will see through you when you try to be something that you’re not in real. For example, if you are not expert of anything, don’t pretend to be an expert. Keep it real.

3: Don’t Complain That You Want More Followers

Most users don’t have a large follower base and they complain about it in their tweets. This practice is tacky. You should use great tweets if you want to increase your follower base on Twitter. Be friendly with others and actively participate in the on going discussions on Twitter.

4: Don’t Spew Negativity

Some people share negative thoughts about everything. If you don’t agree with anyone, say it in a polite way and avoid using hateful content. You should keep a positive attitude because it goes far in life and on your Twitter account. You can ruin your reputation on Twitter in seconds by spewing negativity all over your Twitter followers.  You are more likely to lose your existing followers and Twitter may ban you for using hateful speech.

5: Avoid Re-tweeting Without Giving Credit

Another way that can ruin your reputation on Twitter is re-tweeting without giving re-tweeting credit. This practice will make you lose trust with people. You should give re-tweeting credit where it is due if you don’t want to hurt the trust that people have on you.

6: Avoid Tweeting in All Caps

Never use all caps for tweeting on Twitter. People don’t like it and if you are using caps, you are more likely to lose your followers. People will read your tweets if they are interesting. Using all caps for tweeting will make them feel as if you are screaming at them.

In short, these were just few of the many things that can ruin your reputation on Twitter. If you are serious about using Twitter, make sure you know the etiquette of using Twitter.

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