Proven Ways to Get Retweeted

If you have a huge and active follower base, you shouldn’t face any difficulty in getting retweeted. Getting retweeted on Twitter can be a serious problem for some people, especially if there are using Twitter for business. There are some really good ways to get retweeted. Let’s have a look on the proven ways.

Tweet Relevant Content

According to a  survey conducted by Dan Zarrella, people share content on Twitter that is most relevant for someone they know. If you are sharing something that your followers don’t want to hear, nobody is going to retweet it.

Include Links in Your Tweets

Tweets that have active links tend to get retweeted more than the tweets that don’t have links. Make sure that your links are active otherwise your tweet will not get retweeted.

Personalize Your Tweets

It will make a good impression on your followers. However, before adding your personal thoughts in your tweets bear in mind that you can’t edit your tweets before retweeting.  There are some tools like Tweetie and Seesmic that allow users to use “quoting” their tweet where they can edit it to their liking.

Use Breaking News in Your Tweets or Break News

Another very easy and proven way to get retweeted is to share breaking news on any topic. Make sure what you are sharing is newsworthy before it trends by Tweetbeep or Google. Tweets that contain hot breaking news can go viral and can give your Twitter account visibility a sudden boost.

Avoid Talking About Yourself

Remember nobody cares what you are wearing today and what you are going to eat. In fact, tweets about personal activities can turn people off, so be careful and avoid talking about yourself if you want to get retweeted.

Create Trust With Your Community

It is another highly effective way to get your tweets retweeted. If you lack any connection with your followers, your tweets are less likely to get retweeted. Engage your followers in something interesting and be there to assist them if they need your help.

Request a Retweet through DM

It is another effective way to get retweeted on Twitter. You can send a request in a direct message asking for a retweet. Use it sparingly or you will lose your followers. Keep it simple and DM a link to your tweet you want to get retweeted.

Tweet on Friday

Friday is the busiest day on Twitter when a great number of followers flock to Twitter. You should take care of the timing of your tweets if you want to get your tweets retweeted. According Dan’s survey, 4.00 PM is the time when Twitter users retweet the most.

Say Thanks To Your Followers

This single habit of yours can make a big difference to how many retweets you are getting from your followers. You should say thanks to your followers for retweeting your tweets and they will do it again.

Write a Catchy Tweet

If your tweets are catchy, followers will retweet them. Likewise, if your tweets are helpful, you will get retweeted. So it is wise to craft catchy tweets to grab the attention of your followers.

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