How to Create A Professional Twitter Presence?

Twitter is an ideal online tool for professionals and if you are considering creating a professional Twitter presence, you are thinking in the right direction. Before you change anything on your Twitter account to make it a complete professional profile you must define the purpose of your professional Twitter presence. If you need a professional profile on Twitter for your business you are advised to follow the steps listed below.

1: Get Your Own Unique Background

To create a professional Twitter presence you should have a custom background. Twitter offers a default background which is being used by millions of users. For a unique professional presence on Twitter, you should not ignore the importance of having a custom background. There is a good list of websites that will help you create your own unique background for your Twitter account. Good news is that most of these websites are free to use.

2: Use Your Own Picture

Twitter allows its users to have a small avatar picture associated with their account. Most professionals recommend using a personal photograph for this. It’s not necessary to have a professional headshot where your hair is perfect; it just needs to be a clean and clear photo of you. This feature helps your followers to connect your tweets and messages with a real person. It also adds credence to your tweets.

3: Post Your Phone Number

You should post your phone number of Twitter to build trust with your followers. It gives them confidence that if they get any problem or question they can call someone who is there to help them. Some users feel uncomfortable doing this but if you are doing a small business or you are working in sales then you really need to post your contact number on your Twitter profile. It is a great way to create a professional Twitter presence. Remember that you can’t list your contact number in your account but you can have it in your profile background.

4: Provide Your E-mail Address

Another step that you have to follow to create a professional Twitter presence or profile is to provide your e-mail address. You can have your e-mail be part of your background just like your phone number. Some users are concerned about receiving spam. A simple way to deal with spamming is to create a separate e-mail account for Twitter that you can use for your business. A good option to create a separate e-mail account is Gmail. It has a very good spam filter.

5: Tweet Regular But Avoid Overdoing It

To have a professional Twitter presence you need to tweet regularly. You can tweet something in the beginning of the day and then in the evening. You should provide something everyday to your followers. However, you should avoid overdoing it.

6: Only Follow a Few Relevant People

To create a professional Twitter presence or profile you should follow only a few relevant people. If you are following everyone on Twitter it will give an unprofessional look to your profile.

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