How To Use Twitter

How To Use Twitter How To Use Twitter

Social networking or micro-blogging are no more new terms for regular Internet users. If you haven’t started micro-blogging or social networking, you should give it a try to see the change in your life. The best place to start these activities is Twitter. If you don’t know how to use Twitter, here’s a guide for beginners. The main purpose of this guide is to teach new Twitter users about how they can use this micro-blogging platform effectively. Without much a do, follow the guidelines given below to learn how you can use Twitter.

Create a Twitter Account

Before you start to learn how to use Twitter, you simply need to create an account on this social networking site. The whole process of creating an account on this site is very simple. It’s because you can sign up on Twitter by selecting a unique username and a password. When you are signing up on Twitter, you should decide whether you want to create an account for your business or you are creating an account for personal use. After completing your registration on this website, you should follow few simple steps that are given below to learn how to use Twitter in effective manner.

1: Create an Understandable and Impressive Profile

After signing up on Twitter, your next step should be illustrating your profile with the latest and detailed information about yourself. For example, you should write up a detailed bio about who you are, what is your profession, and what are your interests etc. In addition, you are strongly advised to upload a decent and recent photograph of you. These things are very important because your new friends on Twitter will check your bio and photo first. Make sure that your Twitter profile is attractive enough to draw immediate attention of Twitter users.

2: Increase the Visibility of Your Twitter Account by Tweeting More Often

Another important step that you should follow when you are learning how to use Twitter is tweeting. You should Tweet more often in order to increase your contact list. You should spend a good amount of time on Twitter to tweet and to reply the tweets of your followers. This practice will help you a lot in getting in contact with new followers. It would be wise to designate certain hours only for using Twitter account everyday.

3: Learn Who You Should Follow and Un-follow

One of the most important things that you should learn about Twitter is who you should “follow” and “un-follow” on Twitter. First and foremost, you should use the “Twitter search” facility to follow like-minded users on Twitter. Once you have started following like-minded users, you should regularly check who is following you back. You are advised to un-follow those users that are not following you back. You should also not forget to follow back those users that start following you first. In addition, if you find any user offensive or if you don’t want any user to follow you, you can block them.

4: Learn How to Find What is Popular on Twitter

When you are learning how to use Twitter, one thing that you shouldn’t miss is to find what is currently trending on Twitter. The only way to find what is currently popular on this social networking platform is to use hashtags (“#”). For example, if you are trying to find what other users are talking about Grammy’s, you can use “#Grammy’s” (without the quotes) to find what other users are talking about Grammy’s. You can also use interesting tweets about the popular topic to make your Twitter profile popular on this website. You should use hashtags with your tweets that you want to spread to a wider audience. This trick will also help you make your tweets more interesting and popular.

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