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Twitter is known worldwide for micro-blogging and to-the-point social networking platform. If you want to use this website, you should first learn how to Twitter in different ways. It’s because you can use this website in effective manner only when you know that how to use its different features.

How to Twitter Someone Directly?

If you are wondering how to Twitter someone directly, don’t worry, here you will learn how you can do it without any trouble. First of all, you should understand that you can send only a short message to any Twitter follower because Twitter allows its users to send a short message of only 140 characters. If you want to send a particular message to all your Twitter friends, you should use “Compose Tweet” option to send a public message. Conversely, if you want to send a personal or private message to any of your Twitter friend, you should use the option of “Direct message”. It is important to bear in mind that you can send direct messages only to your current followers.

How to Twitter Pictures?

Twitter is not just for micro-blogging or communicating with others through a short message of 140 characters. It allows its users to share their latest pictures with their followers (friends and clients).   If you don’t know how to Twitter pictures, you should simply go through the help center of Twitter. You will find a complete guide about how you can use your Twitter account to share your pictures. Interestingly, Twitter allows its users to use various good options to “Tweet pictures”. For example, if you want to share pictures on Twitter from your mobile, you can do it by using the text message or MMS option of your mobile phone. The only requirement to send pictures via text message to your Twitter profile is that your phone number should be linked to your Twitter account.

How to Twitter for Business Promotion?

Twitter is not limited to social networking only. It can be used for a variety of purposes in effective manner. You can use this highly efficient online marketing tool for the promotion of your newly established business. However, it is wise to first learn how to Twitter for business promotion. If you have a huge following on Twitter, you will not face any difficulty to drive that huge following to your business that you are trying to promote. Likewise, you can offer incentives to your Twitter followers in order to gain their attention for your business.  In addition, you can update your followers about those new products and services that you are about to introduce. There are a number of other things that you can use to promote your business through an active Twitter account.

How to Twitter for Recruitment?

If you have heard it first time, don’t be surprised, because there are plenty of big and small organizations that are using Twitter for searching new members for their team. You can use Twitter for searching potential, hard working and creative employees for your company by using Tweets to send your requirements to a crowd of jobless individuals that are using Twitter to find a good job.  However, first you should educate yourself about how to Twitter for recruitment effectively.

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