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There has been a lot said and buzzed about the popularity and potential uses of Twitter. One of the most common uses of Twitter is business promotion and marketing. A great number of large and small companies are using Twitter for the effective online marketing and promotion of their particular products and services. There are different strategies and ways that business owners use to increase the number of followers on their twitter profile. One of the most important ways to effectively promote your business is to find targeted Twitter followers for your business. If you know how to target Twitter followers, you can easily convert your slow-earning business into profit making business. Following are some tips and tricks that will help you understand how you can find targeted Twitter followers.

Use Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

Many users find it very difficult to get relevant followers for their business. It’s because they don’t know how to target Twitter followers for the business that they are trying to promote. One of the simplest things that one can do to find the most relevant and targeted followers is to use marketing and promotional campaigns for their Twitter profile. For this purpose, you should first find out those keywords that resonate with your target followers. You can advertise about your Twitter profile both by using free and paid sources. There are plenty of online marketing companies that can help you target followers for your business. These companies are offering their services at particular price. You can also use your Facebook fan page to get targeted followers for your Twitter profile.

Twitter Directories Can Help You Target Twitter Followers

There is a long list of Twitter directories that you can use to target Twitter followers. It’s because these directories contain real and active twitter followers. You can find these followers based on categories, location and interest. For example, if you are trying to find followers for a Twitter account that you have created to promote your clothing brand, you can search for Twitter followers in these directories in the category of fashion. Many directories contain main categories and sub-categories, so you can easily search for the most relevant followers.

Use Twitter Hashtags

Twitter has a number of interesting features that you can use to target followers. One of these features includes Twitter hashtags. You are strongly advised to first educate yourself about how to target Twitter followers by using hashtags. It is by far the most effective and easiest method to target Twitter followers, because it tells you what is trending on Twitter related to your interest. By using hashtags, you can easily reach out to those users that have the same interest as you. You can use hashtags with your keywords to find out all those latest tweets and topics that are currently popular among Twitter followers. This way, you can find those users that are talking about your keywords. For example, if you want to find new users on Twitter for a new clothing brand, you should use “#newclothingbrand” (without the quotes) to find out what other users are talking about “newclothingbrand”.

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