How To Manage Your Twitter Followers

images17 How To Manage Your Twitter FollowersIt is not enough to simply have an account. You need to actively manage it. Your Twitter followers provide many benefits to you. They are interested in what you have to say and they share your tweets. This is critical if you are trying to grow your follower base. You should be aware of what your followers are interested in and what types of Twitter streams they follow. Use your Twitter followers to share information. It may be simply connecting with other people. Or it could be participating in online forums and conversations around specific topics. Since your tweets take place in real time, you are essentially having conversations with people around the world. Twitter followers maintain lists that can provide valuable feedback to you. Their followers are as interesting as your own. Being able to join those lists is a tremendous opportunity to join unique conversations as well as add new Twitter followers. However, you should not join lists for the sole purpose of gaining followers. You need to be an honest participant.

Keep in mind that your Twitter followers may follow you but not actually engage with you. Monitor follower metrics to determine who may be using you to add to their follower count. You need to manage your Twitter followers. Track what they are saying on a regular basis. What they are not saying can be equally important. Are they interested in what you are tweeting? Do they share your tweets with their lists? If not, you may want to look at changing your messages so they are more engaging. If quantity of Twitter followers is important, look into ways to grow your follower base. Options are plentiful. You can stay organic and actively recruit followers to join you. This can be time consuming. You also have the option of purchasing followers.

Your overall purpose for being a Twitter user should guide your decision. Know your Twitter followers. The easiest way to do this is to reciprocate and follow them. Learn what they are talking about, the issues that interest them, and the types of communications they deem important enough for replies. Data like this provides follower profiles that you can use to improve your overall communications and engagement techniques. Get to know new Twitter followers. As with your current followers, if you are able, you should reciprocate and follow your new Twitter followers. You do not need to reciprocate with each and every follower but you should take the time to review their profile. Maintaining a database on your Twitter followers that includes demographic data helps you manage your base of followers. You can create lists around particular interests or frequency of tweets. Managing your followers is a must if you do not want to be overwhelmed with the tweets you send and those you receive. You can spend your entire day reading messages and responding to followers if you do not have a system in place. Twitter should help keep you informed, not rule your life.

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