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images3 300x132 Get More Twitter Followers For most people in the US, the number of followers they get is high during business hours. Therefore tweeting during peak times can help you to get more twitter followers as compared to the times when twitter is less active. Most people are online in the morning when they just got to work and in the evening when they are almost done with their work. Tweeting at these times will increase significantly the likelihood of someone finding you online and add you as a person to follow. This will in turn help you to get more twitter followers.

Tweeting as often as you on twitter can also help you to get more twitter followers. The more you tweet the higher the chances are of someone finding you on tweeter and following you. Each and every single tweet makes it on to the twitter public time line so the more times you tweet the more time you appear there and thus likely to get more twitter followers. However, you need to be careful not to tweet excessively so much that your followers have no space to respond or share there on thoughts. This might cause them to be discouraged and thus unfollow you. It would also bore your followers if you tweet aimlessly and meaninglessly and thus they might decide to unfollow you.

Another effective method of get more twitter followers is using other online or even offline profiles that you might have to direct people to your twitter page. Most people already have an online profile somewhere outside twitter either big or small. If you have a blog for example, you can mention in your posts mention that you also have twitter and link posts from your blog and contact pages. You can also you your Facebook profile to popularize your twitter account by making use of plenty of tools available. This will in turn help you get more twitter followers. You can in addition mention it in interviews or in post that you feature as a guest thus making it known to a larger circle.

Being conversational and cultivating conversational skills can also help you get more twitter followers. Each time you reply to your followers and your followers reply to you, your twitter profile is viewed in feeds of other people which in turn expose you to possibly hundreds of thousands of other users of twitter. An excellent way you can be conversation in twitter is through the use of questions as this will help you get more twitter followers. For instance if you get ten of your followers to answer a question you asked, even if you get one person to sign up for each of the ten responses, you have ten new followers. Even so, this is a two way thing, you need to also contribute in other people’s tweets answering there questions, writing meaningful comments and so on. Do not ask questions that are too general or uninteresting as people will not respond to them. If you want to get more twitter followers ask things that touch on people’s lives.

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