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images4 Get More Followers On Twitter There are numerous ways you can get more followers on twitter. One of them is leveraging other profiles. If you have a current online profile outside twitter somewhere be it large or little, you can you it as a facilitator into twitter. For instance if you have a blog, you can mention that you also have twitter and link posts from your contact pages and blog. If you are on Facebook you can use either of the various available tools to drag your tweets into Facebook. Place it in your business card, email signature, and mention it on guest posts and interviews and so on. This is a very reliable way you use to get more followers on twitter.

Another very common way you can get more followers on twitter is to tweet often while at the same time allowing space for reaction. If you are active on twitter, it increases the chances of someone else on twitter to find you and be your follower. Every time you tweet it appears on the public time line for tweeter, so the more times you tweet the more time you appear there and thus likely to get more followers on twitter. A word of caution though is that you should not tweet meaninglessly as this will cause you to loss the followers you already have rather than get more followers on twitter. When you over tweet you leave little room for your followers to participate and thus they might get bored. Make sure you stick to one train of thought in a day as this will not confuse your followers.

Being conversational is another quality that will help you get more followers on twitter. Each time you reply to others and them to you, the profile you have on twitter appears in other people’s feeds which in turn expose you to possibly hundreds of thousands of users of twitter. The most excellent way of getting chatty on twitter is to ask questions. Equally important is participating in other user’s tweets replying to their ideas and questions as often as you can. It is vital that you come up with questions, topics or ideas that are very interesting to others. Avoid general questions and ask things that touch on people’s lives. Do not talk a lot about yourself all the time but find the balance between yourself and your followers. This will surely get more followers on twitter.

If you provide value to your followers and potential followers, you are likely to get more followers on twitter. For most people it is fan to tweet at an individual level and that’s as good as it get. However, if you are interested to get more followers on twitter you must offer value to your followers. If your tweets help to make people’s lives better for instance, they are likely to track you down and read most of your posts. You can include therein personal tweets from time to time but your tweets should always matter on some level.

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