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The trend of using social networking media has gained remarkable popularity over the past few years.  Now, social networking sites are helping people in almost all endeavors that they want to undertake. For instance, social networking sites are helping jobless individuals to find a good job. Likewise, all types of big and small firms are using these platforms to find energetic members for their team. It’s mainly because it is very easy for majority of job seekers to get quick access to potential job opportunities simply by using their Internet connection.

How Companies Are Using Twitter for Recruitment?

Those companies that use Twitter for recruiting have employed recruiting agents that manage their Twitter accounts on regular basis. These companies have dedicated Twitter accounts that are being used to advertise vacancies and to reach out to the potential applicants. The recruiting professionals place online ads on Twitter for the current job openings that they have in their companies. These professionals evaluate different candidates and select the most appropriate applicant for the final interview by communicating with different candidates through Twitter.

List of Companies That Use Twitter for Recruitment

For many jobless people, Twitter is the free and easy tool to find those companies that use Twitter for recruiting. There is a long list of companies that use Twitter for recruiting and few of the most popular companies are listed below:

  • Life at Google (googlejobs)
  • Bank of America (BofA_Careers)
  • Jobs at Disney (DIMGrecruiting)
  • Aon Careers (AonCareers)
  • Microsoft Recruiting(MIcrosoftJobs)

In addition to these companies, there are plenty of other big and small companies that use twitter for recruiting. A complete list of these types of companies can easily be found on the Internet after a little online research on any search engine like Google.

What Benefits These Companies Get by Recruiting People Through Twitter?

Companies that use Twitter for recruiting obtain a number of benefits. First of all, they easily reach out to the best candidates that are specialized in performing particular tasks. It is a true fact that many big companies don’t advertise about the vacant places in newspapers or on job boards. That’s why, a great number of potential and capable employers remain unable to get a chance to work at these companies. However, Twitter makes it easier for both the recruiter and candidate to find the best option for them. Twitter allows these companies to advertise about the vacancies for fee of cost. This way, these companies can easily send out the message to millions of people. It also enables recruiters to connect with the potential candidates within a quick period of time and a faster communication process ensures a faster recruitment process. Another benefit is that Twitter enables these recruiters to manage a lot of job applications at one place.  It’s because it eliminates the need of using multiple advertising sources to place an ad for the current job openings.

On the whole, Twitter adds great value to the recruiting process of those companies that use Twitter for recruiting. It’s because these companies well aware of the right way of using this world-wide popular social networking tool.

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