Commonly Misunderstood Features on Twitter

As Twitter evolves, many things that were ever the part of Twitter become either ignored or forgotten. New users make mistakes because they are not aware of the correct way of using Twitter, but sometimes people tend to lose track of certain things. Here are 5 commonly misunderstood things on this giant social network.

1: Tweets Starting with an @

One of the biggest mistakes being made on Twitter is the use of @ in the beginning of tweet. People use @ to mention someone by their name Twitter name but they don’t know that when a tweet is started with an @, the only people who can see that tweet are the people who them and that particular person.

2: Confusion About The New RT Feature

It is a misperception about the new RT feature among Twitter users that it is untraceable. This new feature has caused some confusion among the users and they say that they don’t know who has re-tweeted their tweets using the new RT feature. The truth is that this new RT feature is traceable. You can track it by simply going to the “Retweets” link on the right side on and click the option “Your Tweets, Retweeted.” You will be able to see who has retweeted you by using the new RT feature.

3: Use of Twitter Profile Address in the URL Field

All users on Twitter have profile fields they can use for sharing information such as name, location, a short bio and the URL of their personal blog or website. Many users put their Twitter profile in the URL field which serves no purpose. Twitter users should leave it blank or they can link it to their blog or Facebook profile.

4: Not Knowing How to Favorite a Tweet

A handy Twitter feature is the ability to favorite or “star” a Tweet. It is done by clicking on the little star next to your tweets. Most people do it for two main reasons: to mark something as important and to mark something they like. Another reason people use this feature is to “vote” for their favorite tweets.

5: DM for More Info

Many businesses are doing it on Twitter. For example, they have a vacancy, and they ask their followers to DM for more info. The problem with it is that all people can’t send you a direct message because you aren’t probably following all of them. It is wise to use something that all Twitter users can do.

If you have just started using Twitter, you should bear these little but important things into mind. It would be wise to read articles on how to use Twitter without getting banned or being unpopular on Twitter. You can easily find many articles on tricks to effectively use Twitter.

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