Top Tips on How To Use Twitter for Fundraise

If you are into fundraising for any cause or for any other purpose, you should leverage the power of Twitter. It is an excellent free tool that can transform your fundraising venture. It is an amazing free tool to engage donors. Twitter for fundraise is free and powerful. One of the most difficult things as a fundraiser is to maintain a good relationship with donors. It is common for fundraisers to get stuck to their desk rather than being there where their supporters are. Here are some useful tips on how to use Twitter for fundraise.

1: Meet Donors and Cultivate a Strong Community

First of all, you can meet people all over the world that might be interest in helping you for the fundraise. For this purpose, you have to set up an account on Twitter and cultivate a strong community through that account. That community should be consisting on people interested in your cause and content. Without a strong community you will face hard time getting funds from people.

2: State Your Request and Purpose Clearly

You should state your purpose concisely and clearly at the time of disseminating information. Your message should be compelling. You should tell your current and potential donors why they should take part in your fundraise. Also, tell them how their donations or contributions will benefit others.

3: Recognize Donors

A great way to use Twitter for fundraise is to recognize donors for their valuable contributions. This will go far and you will be able to keep your donors engaged in your fundraise. Whether you choose to mention your contributors on a blog, a website, a photo, a thank you tweet or give them a goody bag, the key here is to acknowledge your contributors for their contributions. You can issue honors at offline events and this way you can take your fundraise to a celebratory level.

4: Keep Donors Up-to-Date On Needs and Progress

The only way to grow your fundraise after a charity event is to keep your donors and contributors up-to-date on needs and progress of your fundraise. Twitter for fundraise is not just a free tool to raise funds. In fact, it helps you build relationship among supporters and those getting donations. This is your duty to provide every detail about your fundraise to your current and potential donors. You should provide an opportunity to your donors to meet or connect with donation recipients. This practice will help you build trust with your supporters.

5: Be Creative and Avoid Replicating Other Campaigns

You can get an idea from other fundraising campaigns on Twitter to run your own campaign, but you should avoid replicating their campaigns as it is. It could harm your reputation and your supporters might doubt your fundraising campaign. If you want to use Twitter for fundraise, you have to come up with your own unique idea. Connect with your supporters and take their suggestions about what can be done to run a powerful fundraising campaign on Twitter. You should also have brainstorming sessions for more ideas for Twitter fundraising. Also, be open to criticism and always look for ways to improve your campaign on Twitter.

All About Creating Twitter Lists

Twitter introduced lists for its valuable users to make it easier for them to organize similar users together. Every Twitter user can create his/her own list of people on Twitter. For example, you can create a Twitter list by profession or by geographical region. Here is all about creating Twitter lists

Reasons For Creating Twitter Lists

The primary reason to creating Twitter lists is that you become the curator for that particular tweet stream. You can control who is the part of your Twitter lists and who’s tweet you want to get together. Here are the top reasons why creating Twitter lists is a good idea.

  • Twitter lists allow you to monitor a selected group of users from your home place
  • It enables you to group all people that all fit into a particular category, like “recruiting agencies.”
  • You can put all your friends and helping users in a group with a specific label such as best friends or great people.
  • You can group your colleagues or famous celebrities.
  • These lists are a simple way for Twitter users to organize the people they follow.

Follow a List

Besides creating Twitter lists, you can follow lists of other people. If you find a list that is interesting, you can opt for follow that list. This is a wonderful feature because it allows you to save your time that would spend on creating a list.

Link To Any Twitter List

If you have a tweet for a particular list, you can link to that list as you tweet by mentioning it just the way you mention a user. All you have to do is to add a “/” followed by that specific list name to list owners Twitter name.

Twitter Lists Are a Great Tool To Connect With People

If you have a huge follower base on Twitter or if you are following a lot of important people on Twitter, you should consider creating Twitter lists to group all those important people in different categories. Twitter lists help you connect with different important people without wasting time. You can manage your tweets, conversations and personal connections with the help of these lists. If you don’t want to see tweets from particular users, you can make use of your Twitter lists. If you are added to a list on Twitter, it means that the owner of that list thinks that you have something important to say. The more popular you are, the more Twitter lists you will be added to. In fact, Twitter lists are a way for people to check the popularity of a particular Twitter user.

In short, you can organize your Twitter account by creating Twitter lists.  They are an important part of Twitter, but they have received mixed feedback. They can be very beneficial for you if you know how to correctly use them. If you intend to use Twitter lists, you should learn about them to know how to make most of these lists.

A Glance at Twitter for Fundraising

Twitter serves for a variety of purposes such as for profit and nonprofit purposes. It is one of the most effective and popular online platforms for fundraising. It is by far the easiest way to raise money for any cause. Twitter users are more generous than the users of any other online community. Let’s have a look on Twitter for fundraising.

How Twitter Helps People For Fundraising?

Twitter is without any doubt a perfect place to raise funds. It allows its users to do a number of things for fundraising. No other online platform has potential to do what Twitter can do for fundraising. Twitter for fundraising is ideal because it gives you the opportunity to do a number of things.

  • It allows you to help educate people about microcredit and microfinance
  • It allows you to give, if you choose to
  • It helps to raise more awareness about Opportunity International
  • It allows you to connect with like-minded people from different parts of the world
  • It allows you to be the part of creative social media projects
  • It allows you to provide the latest updates to people on your fundraising status
  • It helps you connect with other fundraiser, nonprofits and fundraising events

Get Donations From Different Parts of The World

There are many good reasons why using Twitter for fundraising is a good idea. In fact, you can never guess where your conversations on Twitter might lead. It could open new doors for your fundraising campaigns. All you have to do to use Twitter for fundraising is to learn more about Twitter and how you can make most of it. Twitter not only enables you to connect with local people for fundraising, but also it helps you connect with generous from different parts of the world. You should clearly send your message to your Twitter users in order for them to help you raise funds. It enables you to meet in person with the potential donors.

Use Twitter for Fundraising and Creating Awareness

Besides fundraising Twitter is an excellent tool to create awareness about your cause among people. For example, if you are raising funds for cancer, Twitter is the best online place for fundraising and creating awareness about cancer. The more followers you have on Twitter, the more funds you can raise and the more potential donors you can connect with. It’s all free to use Twitter so you don’t have to worry about paying anything for fundraising and creating awareness.

Keep Your Donors Updated About Your Fundraiser

Twitter for fundraising is a perfect tool because it enables you to keep your donors updated about your fundraiser. It helps you keep your donors engaged in your fundraising. Your donors might want you to provide them every detail of your fundraiser and Twitter makes it easier for you to update all of them in a quick time.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a way to raise funds, you should opt for using Twitter for fundraising. It is free to use and it can open new doors for your fundraising venture. It connects you with current and potential donors.

Top Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Use Twitter

It has become common for small business owners to use Twitter. If you haven’t jumped on the Twitter train yet, you should do it now. Here are some top reasons why every small business owner should use Twitter.

1: Twitter Presence is Essential

It is important to have a professional Twitter presence for your small because it’s not enough to have a blog or website. You have to attract more people towards your small business and in this age of social networking it has become a fashion among people to follow their favorite brands through their social media profiles.

2: Reach Out To Your Customers Within Few Seconds

Twitter is no doubt a fast way to get your message out. Your potential and existing customers are on Twitter and you can reach out to them within few seconds. You can post the latest news about your business on Twitter such as you can tell them about important announcements, launching of new products, upcoming event and special deals they may be interested in.

3: Understand Your Clientele

Twitter is an excellent tool for small businesses because it lets you hear what everyone is saying about you. Twitter search makes it easier for you to find out what other users are talking about your business or brand. It allows you to stand out among your counterparts by understanding your clientele.

3: Refine Your Brand

Twitter for small businesses is a great tool because it allows you to refine your brand. Using Twitter to communicate with others you can know what your customers want to see in your products. This practice enables you to develop the kind of image that can attract your potential customers and refine your brand.

4: Connect With More People          

Another reason why Twitter for small businesses is an effective tool is that it allows you to connect with more people. You can make new business contacts which could be beneficial for your small business. In addition, you can find new employees or you can meet with people you might want to start new projects with.

5: Engage Your Customers

This is by far the most important reason why you should use Twitter for small business that you own. Twitter is the best free of cost platform to connect with your existing and potential customers. You can find out what they like or dislike about your products or services. You can get suggestions from them for the improvement of your business. There is a lot more that you can find out about your customers.

In conclusion, Twitter is a perfect online marketing tool for small businesses. It not only allows small business owners to communicate with their current and potential customers but also it allows them to improve the revenue of their small business.

Want To Use Twitter Lists? Read This Before Using Twitter Lists

Twitter allows its users to have their own Twitter lists to group and organize similar users together. At first, this feature was available for only few people but later it became available to all users. If you are considering using Twitter lists to organize who you follow on Twitter, take following tips into consideration.

1: People May Take Offense at Not Being The Part of a List

Before creating a Twitter list, you should know that you can make your lit private or public. If you want to create a list with names like “best bloggers” or “my best friends” carefully decide whether you will make your list private or public. For example, if you have set your Twitter list named as “my best friends” public some people may be offended by not being included on that list. You can avoid offending by three ways:

  • Create a  private list
  • You should consider having a  disclaimer on your Twitter profile page
  • Organize your Twitter lists by geographical region

2: Organize Different People in Different Lists

A good feature of Twitter lists is that you can easily organize different people into different groups like people who work with or your Internet fellows. This option is more effective than using hashtags as it allows you to filter out the people you don’t want to read from.

3: Find Out What Type of People Are Popular On Twitter

Twitter lists can be helpful for you to find out what types of people are popular on Twitter. You can see the lists in the sidebar of Twitter users to know what type of content and people certain users follow. If you have mutual interest with them then you can start a conversation with them. This feature is very good for networking and for meeting more like-minded people on Twitter.

4: Get Engaged With People From Different Regions and With Different Interest

If you are following people from different geographic regions and with different interest, you can organize them in different lists. For example, if you are following cool people of Melbourne, you can create a new list and include of them on a list. Likewise, if you are following NFL fans, you can include all of them on one list. This way you will be able to manage your contact with different users. This can help you assess the conversation across different geographic regions and fields of interest.

5: You Can Follow Other Users’ Lists

It is a time saving feature because you no longer have to create your own Twitter lists. You can follow other users’ lists. So for example, if any of your followers has a list that contains all NFL players, you can follow that list.

6: Check Who Is Popular On Twitter

This feature may be used as another easy method of assessing the popularity of certain Twitter users. You can see how many lists you are on and how many lists your friends are on. It is a very useful method but it has the potential to affect your user experience.

Tips to Avoid Spammers on Twitter

It can be difficult to avoid spammers on social media, but it’s possible. You have to be careful on Twitter to avoid inviting spammers. Sometimes even a simple tweet can create a lot of buzz and attract Twitter spammers. Different users have strategies to avoid Twitter spammers. Try some or all of the suggestions given below to avoid Twitter spammers.

1: Protect Your Tweets

By protecting tweets one can easily reduce the amount or completely eliminate spam. This option is best for those who are using Twitter for personal use. It’s because when you protect your tweets they become available for only your followers. These tweets will not be available publicly which is a good option for you to avoid Twitter spammers. However, it is not ideal for businesses who wish to build up a  public profile. Professional Twitter users may want to opt for another spam-fighting option.

2: Identify Spammers

It is not difficult to identify spammers. A simple way to identify spammers is to check their follower base. Spammers usually follow thousands but they have a few followers. Also, these types of Twitter accounts are created under automatically generated usernames. You will also see stock image profile photos on spammers’ account. Once you have identified spammers in your followers list, you can block them. If you have a huge follower base it can be frustrating and time consuming to search for spammers but it worth the effort.

3: Report Spammers on Twitter

Another good way to avoid Twitter spammers is to file a report against them. Follow @spam, a service offered by Twitter’s headquarters to control spamming on Twitter. Any user can report suspicious activities on Twitter. Spammers are monitored, warned and then blocked from the site. Twitter users can also follow @safety for getting information about how to keep their account safe from spamming and junk.

4: Use Filter Tweets Feature

Users can use a number of services on Twitter like TweetBlocker or SocialOomph Opt-Out. These services help users to avoid automatically-sent DMs and to check the spam grades of fellow users. Choose not to auto-follow to cut down on spam. It is a good way to build a good followers base, but it also attracts spammers who are using certain keywords to find people on Twitter.

5: Preview Someone’s Twitter History

If you want to follow someone back on Twitter, it is wise to preview their Twitter account summary. If you find repeated tweets about the same topic or if you find a stock-image profile photo on the profile of your followers don’t follow them back. In addition to this, always check out for services that can help you prevent automated direct messages.

6: Avoid Using Common Terms

Twitter spammers use search terms to spam on Twitter. For example, if you have tweeted something about iPhone, spammers will find you by using the search term iPhone. That’s why you should be careful when you are crafting your tweet.

In conclusion, these tips should help Twitter users to get an account under control and to avoid Twitter spammers.

How to Create A Professional Twitter Presence?

Twitter is an ideal online tool for professionals and if you are considering creating a professional Twitter presence, you are thinking in the right direction. Before you change anything on your Twitter account to make it a complete professional profile you must define the purpose of your professional Twitter presence. If you need a professional profile on Twitter for your business you are advised to follow the steps listed below.

1: Get Your Own Unique Background

To create a professional Twitter presence you should have a custom background. Twitter offers a default background which is being used by millions of users. For a unique professional presence on Twitter, you should not ignore the importance of having a custom background. There is a good list of websites that will help you create your own unique background for your Twitter account. Good news is that most of these websites are free to use.

2: Use Your Own Picture

Twitter allows its users to have a small avatar picture associated with their account. Most professionals recommend using a personal photograph for this. It’s not necessary to have a professional headshot where your hair is perfect; it just needs to be a clean and clear photo of you. This feature helps your followers to connect your tweets and messages with a real person. It also adds credence to your tweets.

3: Post Your Phone Number

You should post your phone number of Twitter to build trust with your followers. It gives them confidence that if they get any problem or question they can call someone who is there to help them. Some users feel uncomfortable doing this but if you are doing a small business or you are working in sales then you really need to post your contact number on your Twitter profile. It is a great way to create a professional Twitter presence. Remember that you can’t list your contact number in your account but you can have it in your profile background.

4: Provide Your E-mail Address

Another step that you have to follow to create a professional Twitter presence or profile is to provide your e-mail address. You can have your e-mail be part of your background just like your phone number. Some users are concerned about receiving spam. A simple way to deal with spamming is to create a separate e-mail account for Twitter that you can use for your business. A good option to create a separate e-mail account is Gmail. It has a very good spam filter.

5: Tweet Regular But Avoid Overdoing It

To have a professional Twitter presence you need to tweet regularly. You can tweet something in the beginning of the day and then in the evening. You should provide something everyday to your followers. However, you should avoid overdoing it.

6: Only Follow a Few Relevant People

To create a professional Twitter presence or profile you should follow only a few relevant people. If you are following everyone on Twitter it will give an unprofessional look to your profile.

Proven Ways to Get Retweeted

If you have a huge and active follower base, you shouldn’t face any difficulty in getting retweeted. Getting retweeted on Twitter can be a serious problem for some people, especially if there are using Twitter for business. There are some really good ways to get retweeted. Let’s have a look on the proven ways.

Tweet Relevant Content

According to a  survey conducted by Dan Zarrella, people share content on Twitter that is most relevant for someone they know. If you are sharing something that your followers don’t want to hear, nobody is going to retweet it.

Include Links in Your Tweets

Tweets that have active links tend to get retweeted more than the tweets that don’t have links. Make sure that your links are active otherwise your tweet will not get retweeted.

Personalize Your Tweets

It will make a good impression on your followers. However, before adding your personal thoughts in your tweets bear in mind that you can’t edit your tweets before retweeting.  There are some tools like Tweetie and Seesmic that allow users to use “quoting” their tweet where they can edit it to their liking.

Use Breaking News in Your Tweets or Break News

Another very easy and proven way to get retweeted is to share breaking news on any topic. Make sure what you are sharing is newsworthy before it trends by Tweetbeep or Google. Tweets that contain hot breaking news can go viral and can give your Twitter account visibility a sudden boost.

Avoid Talking About Yourself

Remember nobody cares what you are wearing today and what you are going to eat. In fact, tweets about personal activities can turn people off, so be careful and avoid talking about yourself if you want to get retweeted.

Create Trust With Your Community

It is another highly effective way to get your tweets retweeted. If you lack any connection with your followers, your tweets are less likely to get retweeted. Engage your followers in something interesting and be there to assist them if they need your help.

Request a Retweet through DM

It is another effective way to get retweeted on Twitter. You can send a request in a direct message asking for a retweet. Use it sparingly or you will lose your followers. Keep it simple and DM a link to your tweet you want to get retweeted.

Tweet on Friday

Friday is the busiest day on Twitter when a great number of followers flock to Twitter. You should take care of the timing of your tweets if you want to get your tweets retweeted. According Dan’s survey, 4.00 PM is the time when Twitter users retweet the most.

Say Thanks To Your Followers

This single habit of yours can make a big difference to how many retweets you are getting from your followers. You should say thanks to your followers for retweeting your tweets and they will do it again.

Write a Catchy Tweet

If your tweets are catchy, followers will retweet them. Likewise, if your tweets are helpful, you will get retweeted. So it is wise to craft catchy tweets to grab the attention of your followers.

Commonly Misunderstood Features on Twitter

As Twitter evolves, many things that were ever the part of Twitter become either ignored or forgotten. New users make mistakes because they are not aware of the correct way of using Twitter, but sometimes people tend to lose track of certain things. Here are 5 commonly misunderstood things on this giant social network.

1: Tweets Starting with an @

One of the biggest mistakes being made on Twitter is the use of @ in the beginning of tweet. People use @ to mention someone by their name Twitter name but they don’t know that when a tweet is started with an @, the only people who can see that tweet are the people who them and that particular person.

2: Confusion About The New RT Feature

It is a misperception about the new RT feature among Twitter users that it is untraceable. This new feature has caused some confusion among the users and they say that they don’t know who has re-tweeted their tweets using the new RT feature. The truth is that this new RT feature is traceable. You can track it by simply going to the “Retweets” link on the right side on and click the option “Your Tweets, Retweeted.” You will be able to see who has retweeted you by using the new RT feature.

3: Use of Twitter Profile Address in the URL Field

All users on Twitter have profile fields they can use for sharing information such as name, location, a short bio and the URL of their personal blog or website. Many users put their Twitter profile in the URL field which serves no purpose. Twitter users should leave it blank or they can link it to their blog or Facebook profile.

4: Not Knowing How to Favorite a Tweet

A handy Twitter feature is the ability to favorite or “star” a Tweet. It is done by clicking on the little star next to your tweets. Most people do it for two main reasons: to mark something as important and to mark something they like. Another reason people use this feature is to “vote” for their favorite tweets.

5: DM for More Info

Many businesses are doing it on Twitter. For example, they have a vacancy, and they ask their followers to DM for more info. The problem with it is that all people can’t send you a direct message because you aren’t probably following all of them. It is wise to use something that all Twitter users can do.

If you have just started using Twitter, you should bear these little but important things into mind. It would be wise to read articles on how to use Twitter without getting banned or being unpopular on Twitter. You can easily find many articles on tricks to effectively use Twitter.

Twitter Marketing Strategies That Work

It has become a common practice among business owners to use Twitter marketing for the improvement of revenue. If you are also thinking about leveraging the potential of this giant social network for the improvement of your sales, you are thinking in the right direction. All you need to do to leverage the potential of Twitter is to use the effective and solid Twitter marketing strategies that can take your business to a new level of success. Here are 5 solid Twitter marketing strategies that work.

1: Use Interactive Tweets with Promotional Tweets

You can use Twitter a personal marketing channel of your company. You can drive a good amount of traffic of potential customers to your main website or blog using Twitter. A very simple way to do so is to post links on Twitter to the most important pages on your website such as new product arrivals, press release, latest sale offer and the like, thereby improving your business and highlighting the important news related to your business. The key here is to combine your promotional tweets with your personalized or interactive tweets with your existing and potential customers. This way, your tweets will not turn off your followers when they will see some interactive stuff coming along with some promotional stuff. Your ultimate goal should be connecting your business with your followers on a personal level.

2: Pay Attention To Your Target Market

One of the best Twitter marketing strategies is to pay close attention to your target market. You should follow those who are a part of your target market. You should avoid following someone on Twitter in hopes that they will follow you back, especially if your tweets are not of their interest. A wise approach would be following your target market. You should not only follow them but also actively participate in conversations with them. I addition to this, you should follow those who are talking about your company.

3: Hire Employees For Twitter Marketing

Many people use auto-mated tweets which is not as good as employing real people to engage in actively promote their company.  When real people will communicate with your customers via Twitter, your business will take a new direction. Also, it is an important marketing strategy that you should never neglect. People will take your company as a trusted company and your employees can help you build brand.

4: Use the Most Specific Keywords

Use the most relevant and specific keywords that best describe your industry and/or business. You should use these specific keywords in every tweet. For example, if you have 5 relevant keywords, you should at least one or two of them in your tweet at a time. Likewise, use all of these 5 keywords in different tweets and never tweet without these keywords. These keywords will help your users find your tweets without any problem. Also, if you are promoting anything through your tweets, you should make sure that your tweets contain the most relevant keywords with what you are promoting.

These are some highly effective Twitter marketing strategies that you should be using to improve your business.