How To Avoid Spamming Twitter?

Do you spend too much time on Twitter tweeting about your business? You need to revise your tweeting habits because Twitter takes strong action against spammers. Here are some good ways to keep your business off of the Twitter radar and to avoid spamming Twitter.

1: Avoid Mentioning People Unless It Is About Them

Spammers mention people in their tweets along with a link to a product or something they are trying to promote. Let’s suppose if you do the same and you mention people in your tweet even when you are not talking to them, you could ruin your reputation on Twitter. They can report you to Twitter as a spammer or Twitter will find out sooner or later. If you have an important announcement to make about your business, you can send direct message or simply craft a decent tweet. The key here is to get re-tweeted. There are many ways to encourage people on Twitter for re-tweeting your tweets.

2: Don’t Tweet All Promotional Deals Same Day

You may be tempted to tweet all your promotional deals and special offers same day, but it can be very harmful for your Twitter account. Your followers might un-follow you after getting too many tweets from you. You should limit yourself to a few promotional tweets a day. It is wise to re-tweet articles or news that are relevant to your industry. You should also respond to your customer inquiries in real time to grab the attention of your followers and avoid spamming Twitter.

3: Limit The Amount of Sales Language You Use

Another way to avoid spamming Twitter is to keep the sales languages to minimum. If you are using terms like “100% guaranteed results” or “best in the world” you are making claims that sound disingenuous. These types of terms will leave a doubt about your product or service in the mind of your followers. Also, these types of terms lack evidence to back up your claims and sound quite spammy.

4: Don’t Use Spammy Services or Tools

If any service provider claims to get you 100,000 Twitter followers overnight, you should stay away from that service provider. Twitter has judged these types of services and tools. Use reliable tools and services that cannot ruin your reputation on Twitter. If you need more followers on Twitter, use solid and legal ways to get more followers.

5: Avoid Sending Automated DMs to Your Followers

Most people send automated DMs to their followers on Twitter. Automated direct messages sound spammy and can offend your followers. If you have something important to tell to your followers, create a nice message and send them only once. You should be aware of Twitter spamming guidelines to avoid spamming Twitter. Any activity that violates spamming rules of Twitter should be avoided.

In short, a very good and easy way to ruin your reputation on Twitter is to spam Twitter. Revise your tweeting habits to avoid spamming Twitter and to protect your Twitter account from any legal action that Twitter can take against you.