How To Be a Good Listener on Twitter?

Twitter is a powerful online marketing tool that allows you to improve every aspect of your business. Most people fail with it because they just don’t know the right way of using it. A successful Tweeter is the one who listens to others on Twitter. If you are not a good listener on Twitter, your voice will be lost in the huge stream of tweets. In order to be a good listener on Twitter, you should know the art of listening to hundreds of followers. Here is how you can be a good listener on Twitter.

  • Ask questions in your tweets and then listen to your followers who will come with different answers. Don’t forget to respond politely to their answers. It is a good way to keep your followers engaged.
  • Using Twitter lists makes it quite easier for you to be a good listener on Twitter. You can organize different people in different lists. This will help you filter the noise and you will be able to listen to the important voices on Twitter. You can start conversations with your Twitter lists to gain more benefits from these lists by engaging important people of your lists in your discussion.
  • Be careful about who you follow on Twitter. It is advisable to you to follow your favorite blog authors that can help you in your niche in any way.
  • Use hashtags to check out the chats and conversations on things that are of your interest. There is a proper method of using hashtags that you should know. Hashtags can help you be a good listener on Twitter. They can change the way you use Twitter. They allow you to be more specific and to-the-point on Twitter.
  • Take a day off of your regular tweeting routine and just watch the tweet stream go by. Observe other people on Twitter. Find out who is doing well on Twitter and who you should pay attention to.
  • Acknowledge your followers or other people on Twitter. Respond to their tweets in a friendly manner and take your twitter relationship with your followers to a new direction.
  • Another very effective way to be a good listener on Twitter is the use of Twitter alerts. You can set up alerts on your favorite people or topics using Twitter Search.
  • Make use of different features of your Twitter profile such as favorite or star. You can be a good listener on Twitter by using favorites to save important tweets and tweeps that are important to you.
  • Join conversations on your favorite topics and be a good twitterer.
  • Always use open-ended questions such as what, how and why.
  • Avoid pre-judging your Twitter fellows. If you want to un-follow anyone based on their latest tweet, take a moment to check their profile and previous tweets. This practice may change your mind.

In conclusion, a good listener on Twitter is the one who listens more to other people than tweeting more.