Who To Follow On Twitter

Who To Follow On Twitter Who To Follow On TwitterRecently, the number of Twitter followers has reached over 500 million. If you have just started using this wonderful social networking platform, you might be wondering who to follow on Twitter. It is very important to you to keep your personal interest and purpose of using Twitter into mind to decide who you should follow on Twitter. One important thing that you should bear in mind about Twitter is that it’s not just a social networking site that you can use to make new friends, it is more than a social network. That’s why it is important to carefully decide who to follow on Twitter that could help you achieve your particular goals. Following are some recommendations about who you should follow on Twitter.

Follow Twitter to Keep in Touch with Twitter Support

After creating an account on Twitter, you should follow Twitter itself to keep in touch with the Twitter support system. This could be really helpful for you to understand how to effectively use this social network. It will also help you know the latest updates and news about those changes that Twitter is going to make.

Follow Spam Watch

When you are thinking about who to follow on Twitter, one recommendation that you will find useful is to follow Spam Watch. Twitter has a good number of spammers that will follow you sooner or later. The best way to get rid of spammers on Twitter is to report them to Spam Watch. You can simply send a direct message to Spam Watch to report any spammer.

You Can Follow News Channels or Newspapers on Twitter

Twitter has a good list of useful and interesting users that makes it confusing for new users to decide who to follow on Twitter. If you want to get the latest news and updates about what is happening around the world, you can follow any news channel or newspaper to get the breaking news on Twitter. The top recommendations for news channels on Twitter include:

  • Cnnbrk (CNN Breaking News)
  • BreakingNews (BNO News)
  • MacWorld

Follow Celebrities on Twitter

One of the best features of Twitter is that it has enabled popular celebrities to come closer to their diehard fans. If your favorite celebrity is on Twitter, you might want to follow your favorite celebrity. There are people on Twitter you can always look up to. They can be from any field such as they can be from software development, sports, politics, media etc. You have plenty of choices for who to follow on Twitter.

Follow Those People that Are Relevant To Your Business and/or Interest

Twitter is a good place to find new business partners and those individuals that share the same interests as you. You can use Twitter to obtain your particular business goals. For example, you can improve revenue generation of your slow-earning business by directing your Twitter followers to your main business. Likewise, you can meet like-minded friends on Twitter that belong to different parts of the world.